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The Swedish summer is often reproduced on postcards with cows and calves grazing in an enclosed pasture full of birches, often with a lake in the background. The farmers open landscape is being honoured and the same time agriculture districts are seen as something primitive, Swedish and natural.

In this film we portray life on a small farm. The farmer and his wife are getting older, this might be the last year they�ll keep their cows. Here the closeness to the animals and the land is unique, in to day�s reality of large scale production. As the year goes by learn about the symbiosis between man and �the silly cattle� �the Cow.

Director: Christoph Michold
Producer: Helgi Felixson
Co-producers and supporters: The Swedish Film Institute/ Film I Dalarna, Film I West and The Swedish Television.
Shooting Format: S-16 mm
Screening Format: Digibeta/35 mm