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"The distance between souls is limitless. People can never understand each other"

This is what my father tells me when I visit him in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia last October. Is he right or is there a way for us to meet?

The film shows the journey of exploring the relation between a young woman and her father. After very little time spent together, meetings few and far apart, I decide to go to Addis where my father is living since more then 25 years. After 22 years I return to the place where I used to live as an eleven year old girl. Remembering the time when I was just leaving the universe of girls´┐Ż to enter womanhood I ask my father questions about his views on children, daughters,fatherhood; our time spent together and separate. I ask him what he thinks about his work as a surgeon which still keeps him busy seven days a week, even after he's turned 75 years...

Making the film I was forced to formulate the questions I had so long wanted to ask.
I believe that when we go close enough to our personal life, the material becomes accessible to others and the film can evoke many thoughts and important questions.

Original title: Laura och Dr Zjivago
Documentary, 29 min
A film by: Titti Johnson
Production year: 1999