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An encounter between our �civilized� world and the brutal reality of a people living in the magnificent splendor of the Rain Forest.

In 1968 filmdirector Torgny Anderberg contacted the �lost� Ashaninka Indians deep in the Peruvian Rain Forest. This tribe had lived in harmony with the environment for 500 years. He befriended them, and was accepted as a brother.

In 1997 Torgny with Helgi Felixson returned. But this time only a shadow of the Ashaninka�s nobility remained, for they had become a pawn of civilization�s sinster side. Tapped and exploited by the Shining Path and the drug barons, the Ashaninka Indians pray for their forest homeland to be left in peace.

�I feel it is my duty to tell the world what has been happening to the Ashaninka Indians and this part of Amazon jungle, said Torgny, before it is too late! Perhaps it already is."

As we stand poised on the threshold of the third millennium, there are few, if any, truly �lost� tribes anymore. For the Ashaninka Indians it would have been better to remain lost and dignified, than found and degraded by outsiders who would destroy a centuries-old way of life.

Documentary by : Helgi Felixson & Torgny Anderberg
Producer: Helgi Felixson
Produced by: Id� Film Felixson AB
Co-producer: Mika Kaurism�ki/Marianne Films
Supported by: The Swedish Film Institute � Swedish Television �
AVEK Fund � TV2 Norwat � Chanal+ - The Programme of the European Media